Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Holy Matrimony! Part III

We’re here with episode three of four podcasts of our Let Me Ascertain You: Holy Matrimony! series looking at all things about weddings. Our crew of artists talked to real-life couples as well as the people in the amazing and strange world of the wedding industry. And all these interviews were performed live by actors at Joe’s Pub in our hometown of New York City. Our first piece is a little bit of a twist: one of our Associate Artists Donnetta Lavinia Grays interviewed and will play here, her very own wife, Shalema. Then, we’re off to New Jersey as Brian Sgambati and Emily Rossell portray the couple Dominick and Rachel. And for this episode’s song, we have something written by composer Andrea Grody inspired by an interview we did with a high-end wedding dress saleswoman in Chicago. "Best Dressed" is performed live by the vivacious and talented Miss Emily Rossell, with Michael Friedman on piano. The interviews for this podcast were conducted by Nora Sørena Casey, Donnetta Grays and Leicester Landon. If you like what you hear or if you have an opinion, please write us or tweet us or facebook us, we love to hear from you.

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