Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Better Sit Down: Salon Night Episode 1

You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents' Divorce recently had its world premiere at The Flea Theater in New York. The play consisted of four actors playing their parents in verbatim conversations each actor had with his or her parent or parents about the parents' divorces. Following the performances, the company presented a series of Salon Nights, in which artists created new monologues or songs from audience responses, online comments, and interviews. This episode features some of that material. First up, is a new monologue by New Yorker scribe Michael Schulman, performed by Michael and his sister Alyssa Schulman, for which he interviewed their grandmother about a divorce that they didn't know that she had. Then Kamara Thomas sings a song called "Onions" that she wrote about a break-up. Lastly, Jason Grote (one of our R&D Group writers and a staff writer on Smash) and his writing partner Marisa Michelson present an original song crafted from online responses performed by Marisa.

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